booking for September+

Hey everyone!

Another update! I am actually keeping on top of my work (as I don’t have a social life anmyore) and I finished all my emails!

After rebooking everyone I am now booked up till October, it is not my usual way to book myself up so far in advance but this year it was unavoidable! So for anyone wanting a new piece or to carry on with ongoing work I am asking people to email after the 15th July! (for appointments October onwards) Ongoing work will receive priority so please header your email “ONGOING WORK” if this is the case! 

For new pieces please email with the header “NEW WORK” including all details of what you want by using the booking form.

As this year is going to be so busy with rebooked clients I have decided temporarily to stop taking on certain tattoos. Normally I do love keeping my toe in with most styles, I was a street shop artist for some years and the love of being able to do lots of different styles is still strong within me. But this year, because I can’t take on as many new pieces; I’d really like to focus on doing tattoos that will tie in to my zest and enthusiasm for these specific elements of life:

weird nature, animals doing things they would not normally do, strange birds, ladyfaces, high concept sleeves, dinosaurs, psychedelic, aliens, Dogs and cats dressed up as bowie/any flamboyant pop culture icon, neo trad portraits of 70’s/80’s musicians/magicians, magic, the esoteric, mushrooms, food tattoos, neo traditional tattoos, pun tattoos…. and anything I have knocking around in my available flash designs (which can be found on my instagram highlights) 

For anything I can’t take on this year due to time constraints I would recommend my beautiful colleagues, they all specialise in different things so should have you covered for most styles.  See two blog posts ago for details!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog <3