Hey everyone, long time no update- I’ve been a wee bit busy with all the travelling from Oxford! First update is that I now have a Travel section on my site for guest spots and convention news. Second is that I have settled into the new routine and am having fun in Newbury at Black rabbit once again! As well as starting at Arkham in Kidlington, which is a lovely, chilled out little studio.

So since the last update I went on a portrait painting course in Cornwall. Here are some of the paintings I’ve done, the rest can be found in my gallery.

cornwall (301) cornwall (267) DSC_0023 DSC_0008

Then a week later I travelled to Kerala for a well deserved break. I had an amazing time, by far one of the best places I’ve ever been. I came back uber relaxed after all the stress and incredibly inspired.

IMG_2311 IMG_2325

So, even with the post holiday blues I got stuck straight back into work feeling better than ever! I finished off Jessie’s peacock finally.


And did this cute little fella, covering up some old kanji. I’m loving pissed off looking owls at the moment!


I made this WW2 bear for Alan, complete with trench knife


and also made this goat on Norm


I just bought a new camera too so hopefully I will be putting out much better photos of my work. After chatting to Jess I realised I need to put as much effort into taking photos as I do creating the tattoos otherwise the photographs won’t do them justice.

Thanks for looking guys


Convention Funtime in Manchester

Hey my lovely little sunfish, How are you all doing? Not that you can answer that on this site! Me and Jen have had a busy but tremendously satisfying weekend away from Oxford. To be more precise we went to Tattoo Tea party in Manchester! We had a great time, met lots of really lovely people and generally worked our arses off!DSC_0020

Here is little Madame Silver at the booth before the doors opened, no photo of me as I was having a mini meltdown about my portfolio! And her display was amazing, had much more attention than the tattooing!


Her jewellery is available on the madame silver website.

The first tattoo I got to do was this cute pug on the lovely Lauren, who sat like a champ.


Had loads of fun on this tattoo <3. Then I did a shoulder rose on lovely Lauren 2! Did not get a decent photo so I’ll post a pic of that next blog. Then me and Jen pissed about for a bit and ate some food before heading back to the hotel.

Sunday was a bit more chilled out, I did this dia de los muertos gal on Ianvariaig3

Oh my gosh do I love being a tattooist! It was such fun to tattoo, this one got a bit of attention! Only took 3 hours as well! More of these please?

Then I got tattooed by one of the best tattoo artists everrrr, one of my long time faves. Mr Brian Thomas Wilson of scapegoat tattoo in Oregontattooig1 DSC_0115 DSC_0114

all lovely photos of be getting tattooed completely unprepared, wearing horrid pants (and right before a 4 hour drive home)!! Worth it though. Meet my new cheeky goat!goaty

such a beautiful tattoo, I’m so happy <33

So that was our weekend! Now we are safely back in sunny Oxford <3 can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow. So inspired!

laters bean-flakes



Tattoo Tea party

Hey there you lovely little crumble-pups, hope your February is going as well as it can be- what a horrid month! So me and Madame Silver will be leaving Oxford for the weekend as we attend Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester. It’s going to be so cool, hundreds of great artists all under one roof! If you’re there come up and say hi! I’ll have prints for sale and Jen will have jewellery and lotions on the stand.

Anyway, last week I got to start lots of new exciting pieces! But unfortunately I didn’t get to finish any!! Here are some of the many!


Started this lovely owl lady on Bryony and she sat like a champ!!sdgfsdfgsdfg

And I started this fox and stag piece on Teddy ( I tattooed him 3 years ago- that swallow on his chest!) More to go, I’m really getting loads more confident with black and grey now, so pleased with this piece.


And got to start this baby foxy stargazer on Abbie ( who is an absolute star and helped me with my taxes!) loads more to go but hopefully next time won’t be as pinchy! Sorry for hurting you bean!


And got to start this Harry Potter themed chest piece! So much fun, more HP stuff please!! There should be droves of people in Oxford wanting to get Harry Potter tattoos, this is where Hogwarts is.

I drew this doe that I’d like to tattoo, along with a bunch of other things22222

To have a look at all the sketches I do that I want to tattoo you can go to this album on my facebook page. Keep an eye out and if I ever get a cancellation if you snap one of the designs up I may very well give you a good deal 😉


That’s all for now chickadees!

Happy new year

Hey everyone, hope you had a goodun! Happy 2015 etc etc.

Before christmas I did a fair few tattoos that I was really happy with, the first one was this kingfisher watercolour style


Loooved doing this on Kerry, she’s coming back to Oxford soon for a stag on the other thigh 🙂

Since the last blog post I finished the Radagast tattoo, this was one that was completely out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed doing it so much and it turned out even better than I thought it would. Wizard tattoos win


And here is a black swan tattoo which I absolutely love the result of too. There are plenty of swans around Oxford for me to use as reference. This rose with water droplets was absolute heaven to tattoo!


I started this Beauty and the beast tattoo just after christmas, Disney tattoos are starting to get really big and I just love putting my own spin on the disney artwork. As a tattoo artist it’s a huge priority for me to never do the same tattoo twice.


Managed to finish Chris’ Mexican day of the dead themed leg sleeve. When doing tattoos based on artwork from another culture I try and put enough of my style in it so as not to appropriate anything too much. My main concern is to do a tattoo that looks amazing without being offensive. Cultural appropriation is a big issue in tattooing, and I feel it’s our duty as responsible tattooists to read up on it and reach a good compromise between what people want, sensitivity to cultural issues and also our artistic integrity.

If you would like to read more about cultural appropriation here is a link to a good list


I got to tattoo Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice too! WOO!


Anyway, I’m doing a couple of conventions this year but mainly will be working solidly at our little tattoo studio in Oxford

If you would like to make an appointment, as always check out the FAQS and send me an email!

Until next time!





Convention Schedule

Well, seeing as things are pretty busy at the moment I’ve only signed up to do two conventions next year. The Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester on the last weekend in Feb.



I’m already booked on the Saturday/Sunday but still have a full day on the Friday, love to do a full day but I’m open to a few littler pieces too 🙂

The next one is the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy convention in July


Which I signed up for at the end of the con this year as I had such a good time. No bookings for this yet apart from Lori, but I’d like to do a couple of film-themed pieces. Will be doing some movie flash if I can’t get booked up though so walk-ups may very well be welcome!

Now if anyone from far and wide would like me to come to a convention near them nearer the end of the year I might be open to sign up with Helen so do feel free to send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

And remember- if you have any questions regarding booking please read the FAQs and email me

Thanks everyone 😀



Post Holiday Blues

So I am back from Borneo refreshed and rejuvenated, I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t coming back to my beautiful studio and tattooing such good people. This week has been full of good stuff, I’ve started some new amazing tattoos, added to some older ones and almost finished a couple!

I’ll start with Simon’s skull, he wanted a dark mark but not in the prison style tattoo. He definitely wanted something super badass. Harry Potter tattoos win.


and while he and Kirstie were in Oxford  I got a decent photo of Kirstie’s unfinished spooky lady tattoo


So the big news is obviously that Helen started at the Oxford studio before I went on holiday and she has been thriving! So if anyone wants to get a tattoo by an amazing tattoo artist without a zillion year waiting list then you should definitely take a look at her Website.


Here she is tattooing my good pal Lori

Here is a pic of an avengers tattoo I’ve been working on for a while now


And here is a stag Tattoo I started

deer stencil deertoooo


It’s going to be surrounded by jewels, flowers and lace. Love doing lush girly tattoos <3

Here is a hedgehog, this is part of a huge Radagast the brown themed piece on a leg


Here is a black and grey religious sleeve I’ve almost finished!



Finally I made this tattoo on the lovely Lee Silver….a little stone dreaming his cactus dream, colour to come later


Well, I have to say seeing Jen and Helen again and doing all these lovely tattoos on people have made coming back to my little Oxford tattoo studio a lot nicer than any other time I’ve had to come back off Holiday. Here are some snaps from my jaunt away

DSCN0439 DSCN0389 DSCN0020


Laters Slaters!

Tattoo life

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy few weeks! I had a great time at the Cardiff tattoo and toy convention with Madame Silver and the guys from Black rabbit.

tattooist oxford


We met Jack sparrow, Darth Vader and a bunch of sexy stormtroopers. Mmm tall.I tattooed this lovely mardy poodle lady on Lori-Jade

tattooist oxford 2

I didn’t get a photo of it so I stole this off Lori’s IG, you should follow her if you love vintage clothes, greyhounds and sexy pinup ladies. The whole convention was full of amazing tattooists- in fact some of the best tattoo artists in the country. It was really intimidating, but so inspirational at the same time. I’ll be going back next year. Thankyou to everyone who came to say hello/supported me.

I’ve been pretty busy since getting back, I’ve done some really fun tattoos. I started this lovely day of the dead pinup.

tattooist oxford 4


I’ve been trying out some new equipment and techniques lately and just having fun with things and I’ve loved the results. Here are some peacock feathers I managed to start and finish in the same session.



Here is a little (little! Ha!) thigh tattoo on Chris, I’ve been trying to make it look painty 🙂

tattooist oxford 7



Aaaaand breathe! So the female tattoo show is coming up in September, I’ll be working it with a tonne of really good friends and lots of other sexy ladeez. I’m also looking forward to our guest artists!

In other news I’ve taken on an APPRENTICE! OMG. She’s showing some real potential and helping me out no end with my emails/workload at the shop, Follow her on her Instagram to see how she develops!

Thanks for looking my dears! Hopefully I’ll have more to show and update with from week to week now I am taking more photos.





Oxford Tattoo Studio Adventures

Aaaah it’s been a busy few months! I’ve been tattooing lots, exploring Jericho and I’ve even had some time off.
Here is a little frog tattoo I did

A few weeks ago I got to do some more on Matt’s Koi sleeve, he is a badass at getting tattooed and we’ve completed most of a colour sleeve in three full day sessions

Got to start this black and grey owl tattoo too

Then a tattoo on my friend Helen, who is a fellow Oxford tattoo artist, she wanted a pinup based on the ugly duckling story

It’s really fun being a tattooist! Hard work but fun.

Then I got to make this little cat tattoo on a lovely lady who traveled to Oxford all the way from Kent

Oh so some nice news too my good friend and very talented tattoo artist Luke Whitehurst is coming to do a guest spot in Oxford from wednesday August 13th till saturday 16th

He does amazing traditional style tattoos and some of the best script I’ve seen so if you’d like to book a tattoo with him on these dates and avoid the drive to Harrogate email him 😀
We also have some exciting changes coming up soon and may have some new, more permanent faces joining the Jericho Tattoo Emporium team.
Also, I’ve now added our aftercare advice to the website so I can avoid printing ten treesworth of aftercare sheets every week! Trying to do my bit for the environment, also it’ll be easier for you guys to just hop to the website whenever you need reminding.
thanks for reading!


Summer is coming…

Hey everyone!
Another blog post now that I have successfully settled into Oxford life, Jericho Tattoo Emporium is ticking along splendidly and I now have a 15 minute walk to work every day and thats it!
To everyone that didn’t know I’ve been having an awful time driving since the crash and now I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to at all.
Anyway, here are some of the new tattoos I’ve been working on

Here is a terrible ( but sunny) photo of one of Kat’s rainbow roses, we have to add some soft black and grey background but then we are done on that and onto her next piece!!

Also here is a quick little anchor banger I did the other day on a lovely lady who I’ve been tattooing a while (all the way back when I started tattooing in Reading!) she has the most amazing skin to tattoo, all the colours come out so bright

Here is a little lantern I started and finished in one today, great fun to be doing more black and grey now

generally though I’ve been working on huge pieces and not really taking proper photos, and the photos I have been taking are awful!
If you want to catch up with a bit more work check out my Instagram — hannahcalaveratattoo
We also now have a sign in the cowboymod window so hopefully all you lovely folk booked in can find us a bit easier!


Hey everyone, it feels like it’s been a long while since I last made a blog post.
Jericho Tattoo Emporium is up and running and is a little slice of heaven.
I love being back in Oxford, and looking forward to moving this weekend so I only have a 20 minute walk to work every morning.
Sooooo the last few weeks have been a bit of a haze of setting up, commuting, going to Raoul’s a lot and generally having fun with Madame Silver, in fact this Saturday she did a little bit of laser tattoo removal patch testing on my various bits and bobs I am not 100% in love with anymore.
Her laser machine actually doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as my previous experience at other studios…. If you’ve fallen out of love with your tattoo send her an email via her website to have a free consultation/quote

Here is a picture of her touching up a tree, and a juicy margarita from Raoul’s Bar (next door to us)

Another bit of exciting fun is that Jess is coming to guest with us, I tried so hard to make one of those cool montages for IG but could only manage this- its got a few gorgeous examples of her work but you really need to check out her website/FB/IG for more!

and then here are some of the tattoos I’ve been working on
a tattoo of Aku Aku from crash bandicoot, I love tiki stuff and Crash so this was so much fun! love the colour scheme with this, really need to do more tiki inspired drawings

here are Rosie’s feet, latin wolf and fawn. Amazing idea, very lovely and clever lady. I had a blast tattooing her…I don’t think she felt the same way by the end!! no one loves getting their feet done. But she sat like a rock

Ooooh this was a fun one I did just the other day on another lovely lady, hopefully be getting a healed photo of this to show how some of the greys lighten up

Started and finished this on a lovely fellow who travelled all the way from Lincoln, of his pal Sprout who recently passed <3 poor Sprout, but he will live on forever in the form of this tattoo sprout

And I’ve been tattooing Claire for a while and finally finished this bad boy, now here is the thing- I took a bunch of Photos and not one of them was usable apart from this one which is only half the bloody tattoo! Oh well, I’m sure she will be back (totally addicted haha) so I’ll be able to get a healed one!

So anyways, I am really looking forward to summer in Oxford- especially as it means I get to treat all my customers and friends to some lovely times in Oxfordshire in the next few months and have some brill adventures.