Back to work 2021

Hey everyone! what a year huh :\ at least we are finally allowed back to tattooing! I have rebooked all the people (I think)

If you had a deposit put down or an appointment pre/during LOCKO and you haven’t recieved a text/email/phonecall it is either because you are one of the people who has changed their number during the last year or one of the people who I missed because of my human erroring! Please get in contact via text (not whatsapp because I don’t have it anymore!) or email with the subject line LOCKOHNO and I’ll find you a space!

It is a relief to have my diary full again but also a little daunting as now I am booked up until mid September. Erk. So for anyone wanting to book ongoing work or a new piece I am asking you lovely people to email me on the 15th July to book for later in the year! Priority will be given to ongoing work of course <3 but I will definitely have space for a few new pieces. As this year is going to be so busy with rebooked clients I have decided temporarily to stop taking on certain tattoos. Normally I do love keeping my toe in with most styles, I was a street shop artist for some years and the love of being able to do lots of different styles is still strong within me. But this year I really wanna focus on doing stuff that will spark my imagination with weird and wonderful ideas: weird nature, animals doing things they would not normally do,weird birds, aliens, Dogs and cats dressed up as bowie/any flamboyant pop culture icon, neo trad portraits of 70’s/80’s musicians/magicians, magic, the esoteric, mushrooms, food tattoos, neo traditional tattoos, pun tattoos…. and anything I have knocking around in my available flash designs (which can be found on my instagram highlights)

After a year of no consultations I think this year for new people I will try and do them on a Sunday in a pub garden because meeting face to face is important! A face to face consultation ensures you know who you’re booking in with, you can usually tell if you gel with a person straight away and gets rid of that first session anxiety. If you ever have a consultation with someone who makes you feel uneasy or you get a bad gut feeling you are NEVER obligated to get a tattoo with them!

For anything I can’t take on this year due to time constraints I would recommend my beautiful colleagues, they all specialise in different things so should have you covered for most styles.

Bryoni, aka _Tatty_B_ on instagram specialises in freehand script and calligraphy, smooth colour, soft black and grey, new school, soft pastel roses, pop culture icons and butts. She’s a really easy and funny person to chat to and is great at interpreting ideas in smooth colourful ways. She is also as bald as Phil Mitchell but at least three times as sexy.

Scarlett, aka ink_dotdot on instagram specilises in black and grey handpoke style, she loves tattooing stylised nature pieces, delicate floral and leaf tattoos, and simple line based art. She can put in palm tattoos and can even tattoo the conch of the ear safely and without noise! As she does not use a machine the tattoos are a lot less painful and cause less trauma to the skin they also take a lot less time to heal. Handpoke tattoos typically take longer than machine tattoos. She stresses out about this fact, but she shouldn’t because her work is beautiful. She cares deeply about social issues and is pretty bloody funny to boot.

Mick aka Mickamus on instagram specialises in fun, bright crisp pop culture designs, with a particular love of cartoon stickers,animal and pet tattoos (in realism or charicature) game art, nerdy stuff and anime. He can freehand pretty much anything as he used to work in one of the busiest street shops in Northern Queensland. He looks a bit like a koala but does not eat as many leaves. He’s a super easy going guy and is a pleasure to sit and chat shit to.

If those guys don’t do the styles you are looking for I am always happy to recommend other artists who I personally would get tattooed by (or already have been!) I might make a little list of people for later but until then just shoot us a message. It might take a little while to reply but we will get there eventually!

If you managed to get through all of this, thankyou for your patience and perseverance. I couldn’t do what I love every day without you guys and I really really appreciate it.