Where are you based??

I was based in Bristol only for a long time but now I travel between Wales, the Southwest, the Midlands and Oxfordshire. The dates and locations of all confirmed guest spots can be found on my travel page. And more will be added over the next few months.

I do work odd hours and by appointment only so if you would like to come and chat please email first!

I also have guest spots around the UK,

How do I book in?

The best way is to email hannahcalavera@hotmail.co.uk

  • Your Name-
  • Phone number-
  • Subject matter: What would you like to have tattooed? How specific your ideas are or how open you are for me to go crazy on your design. Have you got a concept over subject matter? that is fine too! Please deccribe in as much detail as possible- in your own words, what you would like to have tattooed.
  • Whether you want it in Colour or black and grey:
  • Style –Realism, New School, Neo Traditional? If you are not sure please include an example or two of tattoos you enjoy the style of.
  • Placement on the body:
  • Size- in inches or cm OR “full sleeve” “full leg” and “full back” and roughly whether you have for example a large or small arm!
  • Length of time you can feasibly sit. Whether you would prefer longer or shorter sessions:
  • Any reference material you have amassed-these could include things like colour schemes, tattoos you like, poses of birds or happy little pet faces: Please do not use images as a replacement for describing your tattoo in detail.
  • If it is a cover up, a photo of your existing tattoo next to a ruler or an easily recognised object such as a mug or biscuit:
  • Where you are based, and which guest spot/area you’d prefer to book in at.
  • What days and dates suit you best, weekends tend to get booked up super fast so if you can do weekdays you will probably get in faster.

I will reply within a week (during busy times it can take up to 2 weeks for a reply) and suggest a consultation so we can measure the area, have a bit of a chat and take a deposit (this can be taken in cash, Paypal or via bank transfer)

As with most businesses deposits are non refundable. Please bear this in mind when booking

Deposits will roll over until, on the last session-it will be deducted from the final amount.
If you need to reschedule or cancel you must do it 48 hours in advance to carry your deposit over, by emailing AND RECIEVING A REPLY within 48 hours of your appointment. Deposits are non refundable but can be transferred if you need to change your appointment.

If you have paid a deposit but have not made contact or scheduled an appointment within 6 months I am afraid your deposit will be lost.

Touch ups

Touch ups are free if you get in contact within a month of your tattoo appointment and have taken care of your tattoo as per my instructions.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The overall cost of a tattoo will depend on a number of factors- how large the tattoo will be, whether it is colour or black and grey, how well you sit, the placement of the tattoo (rib tattoos typically take longer than anywhere else) and the amount of detail in the design.
The best way of getting a ballpark quote is to come in and chat about your ideas, or emailing me with the specific details of your tattoo idea.

However, please remember- a quote is an approximation

the tattoo will cost what it costs depending on how many hours it will take.

How long will it take?

See above, although everyone’s skin is different so time will vary from person to person, it also depends on how well you can sit for it. If you take lots of breaks or move a lot it will take longer. However, I am quite a fast tattoo artist.

How long is a day session?

A day’s tattoo session is around 5-6 hours of actual tattooing time and it starts at 11am. Because it is a set price it is the best value for money, however if you don’t sit for the whole amount of time you will still be charged for the day so make sure you can sit before booking. For the day sessions I recommend that you come prepared with lots of food, painkillers, comfortable clothes and anything you want to keep you entertained (books etc) it is a very chilled out environment so some people even wear pyjamas and bring pillows!

When can I get my tattoo?

Currently I have a wait of around 1-3 months but may be able to fit you in to the odd space, so it’s best to email or keep an eye on my Facebook page or Instagram

I want a tattoo by you but you have recommended I go to
someone else – why?

I want you to get the best tattoo you could possibly get and therefore if I
feel that someone else is more specialised in the style and subject matter
that you’ve requested I will be honest and tell you. Tattoo artists have their own artistic style and direction they want to work with and if you research your artist well you will
relate to their work. You need to choose someone who is on the same wavelength and an artist you can trust with your design.

If you wanted a full colour sleeve you would not ask a person who specialised in script and blackwork to do your tattoo, similarly if you ask me for something you see no examples of in my portfolio (eg- tribal, script, stars)- please don’t be offended if I refer you to someone else! I just want you to get the best tattoo possible.

Is there anything you won’t tattoo?

Yes, anything that doesn’t sound like it will fit my style of work, for example script, blackwork, dotwork. Also faces, genitalia, hands (this includes finger tattoos), necks (unless you have a huge amount of tattoo coverage) above all else though I will not be tattooing anything hateful or bigoted.

Can you sketch something before I book in?

Sorry but as I’m so busy I will always take bookings and a deposit
before I start the drawing process. Once you have booked in though, I usually draw things up a week or so in advance depending on how busy I am.

Can you send me the design?

This is a tricky one, sometimes I can upload a low resolution sketch of your tattoo to facebook or Instragram story but sometimes i am too busy to do this. If it is a large piece then you are welcome to pop in and see it closer to the time of the tattoo but I’m used to people trusting me to do what I think is going to work best as a tattooist. Especially as I tend to freehand on a lot of the design with skin markers on the day. If you need to see what it looks like step by step then I am probably not the tattooist for you. However if you like my portfolio, are confident in vocalising your ideas at the time of initial consult and are happy to put your trust in me then I guarantee I will put 100% of my time and effort into your design and making the best tattoo for you.

I want this exact tattoo that I’ve seen in a magazine/on a celeb/
found on the internet…

I’m afraid I only do custom tattoos; However I can take your idea and redraw it in my style so it’s still the same idea but a one off custom piece.
If you go to a good tattoo artist you will always get the best results if you let them interpret your idea rather than copy.

I have a tattoo I want covering- can you do it?

Yes, I love doing cover ups! Difficult cover ups are a speciality of mine

I usually will need to see your original tattoo in person to see if it is possible. Sometimes you may need to have laser treatment, but I won’t recommend it if you don’t need it.
Certain subject matters can cover old tattoos better than others but we can
discuss what you want the final result during a consultation.

How old do you have to be?

18, it is illegal to tattoo someone under the age of 18 no matter what. Any tattooist willing to tattoo a minor is not going to be a good artist or have great ethics so are best avoided! I have covered and lasered so many tattoos that people have gotten underage, sometimes because tastes have changed but mostly because the tattoos were done so badly in the first place!

Can I pay by card?

I’m afraid not! I don’t have a card machine and prefer cash but if you are caught short you can always do a bank transfer or paypal.

Do I need to do/bring anything when I come in for my tattoo?

It’s best to be as comfortable as you can, I recommend wearing appropriate clothing that you won’t mind getting ink on (expensive/white garments are not a great idea!) Think about the placement of your tattoo. If you’re getting work on a sleeve, wearing a vest is useful. If its a rib/backpiece you might want to bring a cardigan you can wear backwards to keep warm. If its your legs wear stretchy lounge pants etc.

Eat a good meal before you come in, It’s a good idea to bring snacks and sugary drinks too to keep your blood sugar up. One of my clients brings a pillow and her leccy blanket!

Does it hurt?

Yes, but how much depends on area and your pain tolerance. Overall I wouldn’t worry,
it is nowhere near as bad as you think it will be but if you are really nervous
about pain management then there are things you can buy. Most pharmacists’
stock EMLA or AMITOP creams. Please bear in mind though that you would need to put this on about an hour and a half before your tattoo starts. The numbing effect usually only lasts for half an hour and most people find it can negatively affect the healing of larger tattoos. I would say it’s not worth it personally, you’d be better off just boshing some painkillers and eating as much as you can for a day 🙂

If you do decide to use numbing cream, please tell me in advance as it makes tattooing a LOT harder and I like to be prepared!

Do you have specific aftercare instructions?

Yes, please take a look Here


You can find all these things on my big cartel


Thank you for reading my FAQs you saucy thing x