Art, tattoos and holiday blues

Hey everyone! I just got back off a much needed holiday so thought i’d post a couple of things as I realised I dont think I ever uploaded these to the website!

I made a couple of very high quality art prints once lockdown was over and put them on my Bigcartel!

I made this first one as a loving tribute to my mum, she and I love these cute puffy lads. We call them Timothy’s and enjoy their pink shirts. They are for sale at the studio and on my bigcartel.

mourning dove= Timothy

I also made this sockeye salmon print as a tribute to CANADA in general after my trip there. Wanna go back reallly bad!

journey home frought with perilous bears

the third is a print that is not a ridiculous quality of print but it does make it a lot more affordable, if, like the rest of the country you too are not feeling as flush as our “government” seem to be. Foxy lady in tribute to my new home, which is overrun by little ginger friends. Loving the wildlife in this corner of Bristol. I’ve seen Jays AND a badger too amongst all the usual suspects 😀

golden hour fox

Also I made a snail fantasy for me and Bry’s charity day! All profits go to st Mungos of Bristol. A fantastic charity that has done no end of good, if you hate snails we would love it if you would consider them as a worthy charity for the next time you mae a donation to anything. You can still catch some of the photos from the charity day on Bryoni’s Insta!


I’d also love to do more snail/banana slug tattoos! Anyway- all of these will be available on my bigcartel until I replace them in a couple of months!

thanks for looking everyone! I’m going to try to update my tattoo portfolio on here as I haven’t done it in a while but in the meantime have a look on my instagram!

H xx

Back into the groove

So after 3 years of absolute butts the studio is finally going how it should!

Bryoni and I are having a fantastic time at Whispering Weeds and it’s back to being the slice of tattoo heaven it always should have been!

I am back totally on top of designing and emails so will be opening my books on MAY 17th for September-December dates! New work welcomed and encouraged! I’m a little proud of myself for getting through the events of the last couple of years and also having finally cleared my backlog. I’ll be so jazzed to see all your new requests!!

Oh we also have an amazing aesthetics practicioner joining us, in the beautiful Lunar Aesthetics Bristol. Go check our their Instagram if you havent already!


Hannah x

Prints fah sale

Hey everyone! I managed to do a really exciting thing and made a bigcartel shop


I am selling all my cat prints, and to get around bigcartel fees I have uploaded a bunch of smaller photos. I’ll post bigger versions here now so you can inspect them properly!

If you would like to buy some but pay with paypal email me with the prints you want and I can sort it out that way too! Also all prints will be available at the studio in Bristol if you’d rather see and buy them IRL

I also have this A3 leggy boi print for sale

And this tiger

and these two as well!

Anyway! I hope your lockdowns aren’t going too badly. I hope we will be allowed to work again soon but I’m not holding out! Therefore everyone who was rescheduled will only be rebooked once we get a definite date to go back to work!

Hannah x

Lockdown 2 Electric Boogaloo

Hey everyone, so with second lockdown announced and everything I thought I would make a BigCartel page to try and make a bit of money while Boris and co tell us that we can’t work! Personally I think its pretty gross that they have decided schools, universities and colleges are ok to open, risking the health of hundreds of thousands of young people and staff alike when not absolutely necessary. But people who are not at risk, choosing to visit a sterile tattoo studio is not allowed. Food for thought.


Here is my BIG CARTEL! Cat wizard prints are up in time for christmas so please, if like me you are sacking off the high st and Amazon to support local businesses, take a look!

FOR THOSE BOOKED IN NOVEMBER 5th-end of lockdown

Your appointment is automatically postponed! I have written down all your names and numbers and as soon as Boris announces Tattoo studios can open I will be phoning everyone in blocks of 10 to get everyone rebooked in in order. There’s probably 2 things to keep in mind here

1) if the last lockdown is anything to go by, tattoo shops will probably not be in the first wave of businesses allowed to resume working. Last time hairdressers, pubs AND gyms were all allowed to reopen before tattoo studios. Which I think, is not only unfair but really dumb. So if you are booked in in December, try not to be too disappointed if you have to settle for getting your tattoo in the new year!

2) I am currently booked up till February, so anyone getting postponed may well have to get tattooed Feb/March time. I’m really sorry but it is a lot of work to get that amount of people rebooked anyway without having to rearrange all the people who didnt have to get postponed. Again it’s not that fair but sadly thats how this year is goin!

Last thing I promise- This winter ALL our mental health is going to be fucked- mine included. Pick up some nice hobbies, take vitamin d, meditate/listen to nice music, eat well, get out and do some nature walking, talk to people about how you are. Please please reach out if you are feeling hopeless, and remember that other people are going to be struggling too so be kind. You never know what someone has been through before you talk to them.

Thankyou all for reading, I love you. Stay safe but more importantly stay sane <3


Hey guys, what a year so far eh? SO I finally got round to updating my website instead of sitting on my bum watching cookery shows and eating crisps. We’ve been down the studio like eager beavers making it all plagueproof and lovely! Here is all the information you’ll need to get tattooed during these crazy times at Whispering Weeds!


Obviously things have changed a little because of corona, but getting tattooed will still probably be quite similar. These are the things which are different now
• I’m sorry but you will not be able to bring friends or family to appointments anymore, we have to limit footfall in the studio at this time. Don’t worry we are very friendly!
• Please come to your appointment on time, not early as there is nowhere to wait now!
• You will have to bring your own mask to the appointment, and put it on at the door before you come in. If you don’t have a mask or forgot yours don’t worry! We can provide one for a small fee.
• At the door please use the hand sanitiser provided before you come in, we will check your temperature with an infra red thermometer. If you have a high temperature we will reschedule your appointment so please check before you leave!
• Upon entering the studio we will ask you to sterilise your phone in a light box.
• If you have used public transport you will have to wear gloves and mask on the journey and once you reach the studio, we would prefer if you brought a change of clothes. I would normally recommend wearing pyjamas to the tattoo anyway so this isn’t that different.
• Please bring lunch with you as we would like to limit the ins and outs at the studio! I am sorry but you won’t be able to eat inside until further notice.
• We will not be able to tattoo the side of your neck, face, upper chest or front of your shoulders whilst Covid is still prevalent.
• Use the sanitiser and hand washing stations in the studio throughout the day!
• If you have felt unwell or in contact with someone who has been unwell in the last 14 days we will reschedule with no loss to your deposit. Please let us know if you have had a reoccurring cough, loss of taste or sense of smell or high temperature.

These are the things we are going to be doing
• We have taken all the WHO and Barbicide COVID related courses online
• We will be wearing masks, PPE and having a complete separate set of clothing for arriving to work.
• Staggering appointment times so people don’t arrive at the same time
• We will only have two tattooists in the shop at a time, this means we can get a 2-4 metre distances between people.
• Keeping ourselves safe, wearing masks and not taking unnecessary risks outside of tattooing whilst this is still prevalent.
• Extra cleaning
• Limiting to one client each per day

Thanks for reading! I shall hopefully be updating this site more aaaand also Whispering Weeds will be getting it’s own website very soon!
Love to you all, hope you are not just surviving but thriving in one way or another!!

Hannah and Bry

Purple Rose Bristol

Hey everyone!

I’ve added some more “wannados” to the art section,

Here are the tattoos I’d like to make!

Also here is a work in progress from last week I tattooed on my friend Leigh!

It’s a concept piece based on her personality and life experience. I’m hoping to tailor more of my tattoo designs in this way.

Also I got to tattoo Emily’s old Cat pal Lelu on her last week! Old kitties are so cute.

Thanks for looking!


Purple Rose

Hey everyone! Some great news! After my guest spot at Purple Rose Tattoo Studio in Bristol I had such a good time I decided to go and work there permanently! Everyone there is so nice and the studio and atmosphere are amazing!

I also got to make some great tattoos last week!

A grey lop rabbit on Tara who sat like a champ for it!

And I also go to make Jess’ little pirate bear Alice the Shitzu so she has her forever now!

I got a healed photo of the start of Zoe’s horsey before I coloured it and made it all swollen again! One more session and it’ll be finished and I can show yall how fancy it’s looking!

I’m doing my best at keeping this blog updated. I feel pretty inspired again after the last couple of weeks so expect even more!!




Hello! What a hectic few weeks but very very fruitful! So after leaving Southmead Tattoo Studio I had a few guest spots and a bit of travel, the penultimate destination was Cardiff! I guested with my good friend Patryk  Mazur at his own little amazing studio Surrealistic Sanctuary on City Road.

My biggest thanks to Patryk, I really had the best time and as usual he went above and beyond to help me out. deffo go give his Instagram a follow.

I made some more progress on Dave’s Slow Sleeve tattoo

Sloth is healed and the tortoise is only half done but I am really looking forward to getting more on this done 😀

Also Dave shared with me a photo of his cat Jacob with his tattoo!

I also did a bit more on Mark’s Dia de los muertos gal

It has got a tonne more to go though!

The Cardiff Tattoo convention was also amazing this year. I tattooed Dan’s other Chi Leela on his thigh. He sat for 6 hours with a broken leg (no painkillers) to get this done. He is a hard bastard!

Also amazingly I won an award for best of day!

Me Ruthey, Dan, Dan and Brodie went out afterwards to celebrate like the old farts we are and had a really fancy dinner!

Cardiff was great! I had the best time and hope to be back next year! Such a nice friendly convention!






Hey again, I’m really trying my best to update more often on this blog to document things for myself more than anything. I sometimes forget how much I do so it’ll be great to be able to look back at all the cool stuff that happens.

So this blog is about my guest spot at Legacy Ink in Haverhill!

I never get many healed photos as I tend to start more than I finish here. This spot was the exception though! I got to start and finish this Audrey II tattoo on Chris, an old friend. He too is a massive fan of little shop of horrors and new school tattoos! I rarely get to do New school esque things because not many people know I do this style but it is a favourite of mine 🙂

Chris sat amazingly well for his back of thigh. I’m gonna draw up more stuff from my own brain I think as he snapped this up straight away. Here is the process that goes into a tattoo like this.

Fascinating I am sure you will agree ( Sarcasm does not come over well on the internet I suppose)

The incredible Josh Hurrell wanted to get a WITCH TATTOO off me whilst I was up there. He let me go wild on it! This is the drawing.

We got to line her too but no shading because he hates me now and I ruined his day. I’ll get a picture of that later!

Also here is a rum ham tattoo I did on Ed, so bloody and swole. Hopefully it’ll heal up nice and I’ll get a better one.

Oh last but not least I forgot this picture of David’s Hare (don’t call it a bunny, don’t call it a bunny) He is getting a half sleeve studded with imagery and subjects that are all related to family. It doesn’t all have to be about names and dates if you are weirdos like us!

I’d be surprised if anyone reads these but if you do, ta! You’re the best!




Hey everyone, So I got back from my time away at Nevermore. Had the BEST time, obviously! I never get as many finished/ healed photos as I do at Nevermore (in Daventry). Not sure why this is, but it’s always great. This post is all about Daventry: for some reason, people from the Midlands don’t half love colourful tattoos!

I started this robin and squirrel half sleeve on the wonderful Lynzi, who I’ve tattooed a bunch of times. So good when she’s in and also this is one awesome tattoo idea for me to get stuck into!

I got to do more on Emma, the sweetest, loveliest gal everrrrr. True labyrinth fan! Her kids even call Jareth “the juggling king” which is who we will hopefully do next time! Bulge and all. This time was the cute cute woim though. He’s gotta be everyone’s favourite bit part though right? All of the others are by me apart from Sir Didimus who is by Emily Dawson:Holyghost Tattooer

Then I got to finish Charlotte’s Chameleon and cala lily thigh piece. Oh my god how much fun I had with this. I got to pack in as much colour and detail as I wanted!

I got to make this excellent pun tattoo for Sarah. Some rose-hips….GEDDIT?!? It took me a while because I’m dumb. But I really do love tattooing roses. Anyone else wants any, hit me up. I love em. They’re the best.

We also had a hot tub/sausage party.These guys know how to live.

Thanks Dan, Danielle, Brodie, Sophie mooncup and Hannah for bringing me joy and solace in these stressful and crazy times!