Female tattoo convention

This weekend was the third annual female tattoo show in Leamington spa, I had a lot of fun and met a lot of talented and lovely ladies from around the UK. It was the first time at a convention  I actually felt comfortable and not nervous as hell! I entered Jen’s octopus chest piece in the competition



I won best large colour!


And got to work on Liz’s sleeve some more.



Went out afterwards and had a fantastic time too….oh and I bought a sweeeeet taxidermied crow!

First blog

Sooo this week has been a goodun, I confirmed my place at picture house tattoo in Chippenham and did a lot of fun tattoos.

I haven’t got to do many black and grey tattoos since working at electric lady, but this week I managed to do a few. Which is a fun change.

here is an angel I did on Simon



And I made a start on this candle for Liam (it’s going to be in full colour eventually though


Been looking for houses near the train station in Bristol too…very excited.

My name is Hannah Calavera and I have been a tattoo artist in Reading, Berkshire since 2010. I’ve got a BA in illustration and have had illustration and tattoo work published in several Magazines. I love doing colour and black and grey work, anything nature inspired or influenced by Asian art.

I’ll be relocating to Bristol in 2014 and working in a tattoo studio in Chippenham called Picture House Tattoo Studio.

This is a website to document all the stuff I have to do to relocate and also to keep track of my tattoos and progress in my art.

If you would like to book in with me send me an email.