Whispering no more

Hey all you lovely folk, hope you are doing well! Thought I’d update as everyone is v curious to see what’s going on! The short version is that unfortunately due to a variety of factors it became apparent very late last year that I could no longer afford to run Whispering Weeds and had to shut up shop. Bit of a downer, but when life gives you lemons, throw a lemon party! I decided to use this opportunity to do what I haven’t been able to do for a while and travel, guest spot and visit people for the rest of this year.

I’m currently in the process of moving house into a campervan so if any of you have emailed in the last few weeks that’s why I havent been replying! I will be travelling round the UK this year, including many guest spots in Bristol and the South west! To see if I will be coming near you please go look at my TRAVEL PAGE!

If you see a guest spot that is near you email me with the location as the header and you will get a reply asap!

Sorry to all of you who got moved, will be getting in contact to reschedule everyone now that I’ve got the majority of my life stuff shifted! I will not be leaving anyone with unfinished tattoos, so don’t fret! I just need a bit more time this year to smell the sweet roses of life and get out of city living/slog mode.

Oh also,Whispering Weeds is now Tengu Tattoo! Go check it out 🙂

love and thanks to you all