the free life

Hey there, whoever reads this!

I have spent since March living in the van, travelling and guesting, initially I had only planned for a year of that but I’ve been loving it so much I think I’m going to do at least another year, if not longer. I wish I had done this years ago, and couldn’t recommend it to anyone else highly enough!

I have just updated my travel page to reflect some changes, and will be sorting out next years sechedule over Christmas!

I am hoping to split next year between tattooing, doing an intensive Bushcraft and survival course, and hopefully testing my new skills in Chainsaw and forest planting as well! I will be tattooing at least two weeks a month so will have plenty of space! If you have a request for me to come visit your area let me know and I’ll try and arrange a guest spot near you!

I will also be doing regular spots in Bristol, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cornwall and Wales but also hope to make it up to Scotland for a while too if I can!

Anyone who wishes to keep up with my adventures, I made an instagram for vanlife @hanbearvanbear

Hannah x