Before and After

So you have booked in for a tattoo huh? Great news! Here is an information pack with all the info you’ll hopefully need

Before your tattoo

Leading up to your tattoo we would recommend you do a few things to make your tattoo experience as easy, quick and pleasant as you can!

Eat and drink well- drink at least 2 litres of water a day and eat your veggies and healthy protein or take vitamin supplements. This will help you heal quicker. But more importantly it also means your skin will be hydrated and will become less irritated once we start tattooing- meaning the tattoo will be less painful and take less time to get it done.

Exfoliate every 2-3 days and moisturise the area with your chosen moisturiser you bought for your tattoo every day- this will also test how your skin reacts to the moisturiser if you have never used it before. On the day of the tattoo wash the area but do not exfoliate or moisturise!

The day of your tattoo

Please eat a larger breakfast than you normally would, ideally with plenty of protein, no longer than 2 hours before your tattoo. I also usually prepare/buy my food for the day. My personal tattoo ritual includes 3 Waitrose sandwiches, a large salad, a punnet of grapes, two chocolates,  pineapple and a decaf coffee (that’s just lunch). I like to make it a special treat day because really, you deserve it don’t you? Especially when you’re getting stabbo.

Bring comfy loose clothes and anything you will need to feel totally comfortable whilst getting tattooed! x