Big Changes

Hey everyone, long time without an update I know but this one is pretty juicy so it should balance it out!

Unfortunately Jericho Tattoo Emporium is no more, due to a completely crazy landlord we were forced out of our studio with a few days notice. In a way it is a positive thing as we don’t have to put up with the unreasonable, unpredictable and unprofessional behavior of this man anymore. Also Madame Silver, Helen and I are able to pursue more exciting options without being tied to one place. But overall I’m pretty disappointed that something we put so much time, love and hard work into is now gone and there was nothing I could do about it.

Anyway! Now for the good news- I will be splitting my time between Black Rabbit tattoo collective┬áin Newbury and an Oxfordshire Studio (in Kidlington). I’ve had to scale back my workload a bit due to the travel situation but even with this I am booked up until August.

If you are not Oxford or Reading/Newbury based and are wanting some new work started please keep an eye out as I’ll be announcing a list of guest spots soon!

Thanks everyone for your continued patience and support!