Obligatory Christmas post!

Hey everyone, so on Friday I had my last day at picture house in Chippenham- which was sad but I am happy to have met some wonderful people and had a well needed “good time” at work for the last 3 months!
Who knew that was even possible?


I will miss those crazy people, but will see them on the regs at conventions next year!
here is a tattoo I did on my last day

pissed up old tomcat on Ed, I want to do more like this!

The good news is I have found a permanent place to work in Jericho in Oxford as of February 2014 and will officially be an Oxford tattooist! It’s a private studio in the heart of Jericho, 5 minutes walk from Oxford train station. So it is mega easy for all you Reading and Berkshire people to get to. If you have an appointment with me I will be phoning you to tell you where it is don’t worry!

Here is a christmassy tattoo I managed to get a totally healed photo of recently

I’ll keep you all updated on the Oxford antics and once I move all my stuff to the new studio I’ll snap some pics!
I hope everyone has a good christmas and a happy new year!