Prints fah sale

Hey everyone! I managed to do a really exciting thing and made a bigcartel shop


I am selling all my cat prints, and to get around bigcartel fees I have uploaded a bunch of smaller photos. I’ll post bigger versions here now so you can inspect them properly!

If you would like to buy some but pay with paypal email me with the prints you want and I can sort it out that way too! Also all prints will be available at the studio in Bristol if you’d rather see and buy them IRL

I also have this A3 leggy boi print for sale

And this tiger

and these two as well!

Anyway! I hope your lockdowns aren’t going too badly. I hope we will be allowed to work again soon but I’m not holding out! Therefore everyone who was rescheduled will only be rebooked once we get a definite date to go back to work!

Hannah x

Lockdown 2 Electric Boogaloo

Hey everyone, so with second lockdown announced and everything I thought I would make a BigCartel page to try and make a bit of money while Boris and co tell us that we can’t work! Personally I think its pretty gross that for people who are not at risk, choosing to visit a close to sterile tattoo studio is not allowed. Food for thought.


Here is my BIG CARTEL! Cat wizard prints are up in time for christmas so please, if like me you are sacking off the high st and Amazon to support local businesses, take a look!

FOR THOSE BOOKED IN NOVEMBER 5th-end of lockdown

Your appointment is automatically postponed! I have written down all your names and numbers and as soon as Boris announces Tattoo studios can open I will be phoning everyone in blocks of 10 to get everyone rebooked in in order. There’s probably 2 things to keep in mind here

1) if the last lockdown is anything to go by, tattoo shops will probably not be in the first wave of businesses allowed to resume working. Last time hairdressers, pubs AND gyms were all allowed to reopen before tattoo studios. Which I think, is not only unfair but really dumb. So if you are booked in in December, try not to be too disappointed if you have to settle for getting your tattoo in the new year!

2) I am currently booked up till February, so anyone getting postponed may well have to get tattooed Feb/March time. I’m really sorry but it is a lot of work to get that amount of people rebooked anyway without having to rearrange all the people who didnt have to get postponed. Again it’s not that fair but sadly thats how this year is goin!

Last thing I promise- This winter ALL our mental health is going to be fucked- mine included. Pick up some nice hobbies, take vitamin d, meditate/listen to nice music, eat well, get out and do some nature walking, talk to people about how you are. Please please reach out if you are feeling hopeless, and remember that other people are going to be struggling too so be kind. You never know what someone has been through before you talk to them.

Thankyou all for reading, I love you. Stay safe but more importantly stay sane <3