I stepped up my print game

I didn’t do much during lockdown 3, but the four days I managed to pick up a pencil and actually draw i made some art I thought was worth printing really well. I went to Niche Frames on Zetland road and got 23×50 prints made on 320gsm acid free paper. All that really means is they’re swish and I want to rub my face on them ( I promise I won’t) I’ve limited them to a run of 20 each so once they gone they gone!

They are available on my big cartel site <3

thankyou so much for all your support guys xx

Prints fah sale

Hey everyone! I managed to do a really exciting thing and made a bigcartel shop


I am selling all my cat prints, and to get around bigcartel fees I have uploaded a bunch of smaller photos. I’ll post bigger versions here now so you can inspect them properly!

If you would like to buy some but pay with paypal email me with the prints you want hannahcalavera@hotmail.co.uk and I can sort it out that way too! Also all prints will be available at the studio in Bristol if you’d rather see and buy them IRL

I also have this A3 leggy boi print for sale

And this tiger

and these two as well!

Anyway! I hope your lockdowns aren’t going too badly. I hope we will be allowed to work again soon but I’m not holding out! Therefore everyone who was rescheduled will only be rebooked once we get a definite date to go back to work!

Hannah x