Tattoo life

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy few weeks! I had a great time at the Cardiff tattoo and toy convention with Madame Silver and the guys from Black rabbit.

tattooist oxford


We met Jack sparrow, Darth Vader and a bunch of sexy stormtroopers. Mmm tall.I tattooed this lovely mardy poodle lady on Lori-Jade

tattooist oxford 2

I didn’t get a photo of it so I stole this off Lori’s IG, you should follow her if you love vintage clothes, greyhounds and sexy pinup ladies. The whole convention was full of amazing tattooists- in fact some of the best tattoo artists in the country. It was really intimidating, but so inspirational at the same time. I’ll be going back next year. Thankyou to everyone who came to say hello/supported me.

I’ve been pretty busy since getting back, I’ve done some really fun tattoos. I started this lovely day of the dead pinup.

tattooist oxford 4


I’ve been trying out some new equipment and techniques lately and just having fun with things and I’ve loved the results. Here are some peacock feathers I managed to start and finish in the same session.



Here is a little (little! Ha!) thigh tattoo on Chris, I’ve been trying to make it look painty 🙂

tattooist oxford 7



Aaaaand breathe! So the female tattoo show is coming up in September, I’ll be working it with a tonne of really good friends and lots of other sexy ladeez. I’m also looking forward to our guest artists!

In other news I’ve taken on an APPRENTICE! OMG. She’s showing some real potential and helping me out no end with my emails/workload at the shop, Follow her on her Instagram to see how she develops!

Thanks for looking my dears! Hopefully I’ll have more to show and update with from week to week now I am taking more photos.





Oxford Tattoo Studio Adventures

Aaaah it’s been a busy few months! I’ve been tattooing lots, exploring Jericho and I’ve even had some time off.
Here is a little frog tattoo I did

A few weeks ago I got to do some more on Matt’s Koi sleeve, he is a badass at getting tattooed and we’ve completed most of a colour sleeve in three full day sessions

Got to start this black and grey owl tattoo too

Then a tattoo on my friend Helen, who is a fellow Oxford tattoo artist, she wanted a pinup based on the ugly duckling story

It’s really fun being a tattooist! Hard work but fun.

Then I got to make this little cat tattoo on a lovely lady who traveled to Oxford all the way from Kent

Oh so some nice news too my good friend and very talented tattoo artist Luke Whitehurst is coming to do a guest spot in Oxford from wednesday August 13th till saturday 16th

He does amazing traditional style tattoos and some of the best script I’ve seen so if you’d like to book a tattoo with him on these dates and avoid the drive to Harrogate email him 😀
We also have some exciting changes coming up soon and may have some new, more permanent faces joining the Jericho Tattoo Emporium team.
Also, I’ve now added our aftercare advice to the website so I can avoid printing ten treesworth of aftercare sheets every week! Trying to do my bit for the environment, also it’ll be easier for you guys to just hop to the website whenever you need reminding.
thanks for reading!


Summer is coming…

Hey everyone!
Another blog post now that I have successfully settled into Oxford life, Jericho Tattoo Emporium is ticking along splendidly and I now have a 15 minute walk to work every day and thats it!
To everyone that didn’t know I’ve been having an awful time driving since the crash and now I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to at all.
Anyway, here are some of the new tattoos I’ve been working on

Here is a terrible ( but sunny) photo of one of Kat’s rainbow roses, we have to add some soft black and grey background but then we are done on that and onto her next piece!!

Also here is a quick little anchor banger I did the other day on a lovely lady who I’ve been tattooing a while (all the way back when I started tattooing in Reading!) she has the most amazing skin to tattoo, all the colours come out so bright

Here is a little lantern I started and finished in one today, great fun to be doing more black and grey now

generally though I’ve been working on huge pieces and not really taking proper photos, and the photos I have been taking are awful!
If you want to catch up with a bit more work check out my Instagram — hannahcalaveratattoo
We also now have a sign in the cowboymod window so hopefully all you lovely folk booked in can find us a bit easier!

Black Rabbit

I’ve been enjoying my time at Black rabbit in Newbury a lot. I know I’m only a guest artist but all the guys have made me feel really welcome. And I’ve done some really fun tattoos too.
I’ve been tattooing Becca for around 3 years and she let me do this lovely lock and key,and jazz up an old butterfly. Sat like a rock too which is a bonus. The sides of this pic are a bit of a montage on Helen Courtenage’s arm

After a year I finally finished Mark’s ladyface sleeve. Very fond of this one! It was nice to spend such a lot of time with an old friend.

Here is a shot of something small I added to Hannah’s half sleeve before Xmas

Here is a photo of Christian’s finished sleeve too, I started this one 3 and a half years ago so it was nice to finally finish it-also good to see how much my tattooing has changed over the years. You can see on this shiny pic where I’ve gone back in and reworked a few bits

In other news, the Jericho studio is coming along. This weekend we are getting all the equipment down there and Monday is a meeting to see if it’s ready for opening! How exciting, we still haven’t found a place to move into in Oxford yet but I’m hoping it’ll all fall into place.


Happy new year

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year! I did, I got very drunk, received a cheeseboard and my boyfriend dressed in drag! Hurray!
Well good news, the new tattoo parlour in Oxford should be all set up and ready to go by the 11th of February so I’m now taking tattoo bookings for February and March! Email me via the contact form on this site if you’d like to book in.
The lovely Madame Silver who I will be working with will be taking bookings for laser tattoo removal consults from mid February too, again just email to enquire!

I have January cancellations free here and there if anyone wants to grab them. Otherwise I’ll be using the free time to sketch, paint, and house hunt in Oxford as we still haven’t found a place to move house yet! Ooh err.

It’s an exciting venture opening your own tattoo studio! Exciting but stressful

Obligatory Christmas post!

Hey everyone, so on Friday I had my last day at picture house in Chippenham- which was sad but I am happy to have met some wonderful people and had a well needed “good time” at work for the last 3 months!
Who knew that was even possible?


I will miss those crazy people, but will see them on the regs at conventions next year!
here is a tattoo I did on my last day

pissed up old tomcat on Ed, I want to do more like this!

The good news is I have found a permanent place to work in Jericho in Oxford as of February 2014 and will officially be an Oxford tattooist! It’s a private studio in the heart of Jericho, 5 minutes walk from Oxford train station. So it is mega easy for all you Reading and Berkshire people to get to. If you have an appointment with me I will be phoning you to tell you where it is don’t worry!

Here is a christmassy tattoo I managed to get a totally healed photo of recently

I’ll keep you all updated on the Oxford antics and once I move all my stuff to the new studio I’ll snap some pics!
I hope everyone has a good christmas and a happy new year!