Hey everyone, it feels like it’s been a long while since I last made a blog post.
Jericho Tattoo Emporium is up and running and is a little slice of heaven.
I love being back in Oxford, and looking forward to moving this weekend so I only have a 20 minute walk to work every morning.
Sooooo the last few weeks have been a bit of a haze of setting up, commuting, going to Raoul’s a lot and generally having fun with Madame Silver, in fact this Saturday she did a little bit of laser tattoo removal patch testing on my various bits and bobs I am not 100% in love with anymore.
Her laser machine actually doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as my previous experience at other studios…. If you’ve fallen out of love with your tattoo send her an email via her website to have a free consultation/quote

Here is a picture of her touching up a tree, and a juicy margarita from Raoul’s Bar (next door to us)

Another bit of exciting fun is that Jess is coming to guest with us, I tried so hard to make one of those cool montages for IG but could only manage this- its got a few gorgeous examples of her work but you really need to check out her website/FB/IG for more!

and then here are some of the tattoos I’ve been working on
a tattoo of Aku Aku from crash bandicoot, I love tiki stuff and Crash so this was so much fun! love the colour scheme with this, really need to do more tiki inspired drawings

here are Rosie’s feet, latin wolf and fawn. Amazing idea, very lovely and clever lady. I had a blast tattooing her…I don’t think she felt the same way by the end!! no one loves getting their feet done. But she sat like a rock

Ooooh this was a fun one I did just the other day on another lovely lady, hopefully be getting a healed photo of this to show how some of the greys lighten up

Started and finished this on a lovely fellow who travelled all the way from Lincoln, of his pal Sprout who recently passed <3 poor Sprout, but he will live on forever in the form of this tattoo sprout

And I’ve been tattooing Claire for a while and finally finished this bad boy, now here is the thing- I took a bunch of Photos and not one of them was usable apart from this one which is only half the bloody tattoo! Oh well, I’m sure she will be back (totally addicted haha) so I’ll be able to get a healed one!

So anyways, I am really looking forward to summer in Oxford- especially as it means I get to treat all my customers and friends to some lovely times in Oxfordshire in the next few months and have some brill adventures.


New beginnings

Hey everyone, hope you like the updated site! I wanted to have one that I could update more easily, maybe add a shop to and just keep the blog going.
I absolutely love working in Picture house tattoo studio, all the gals there are not only amazingly talented, but funny and great to work with too. I think that has reflected in my work since starting there as well, less stress and a nicer working environment=more time to focus on tattooing! art and just generally being happier.
Did my first ever (semi) realistic pet portrait on Chris


Which was a lot of fun, I want to do more of those for definite.
I haven’t got many new finished tattoos to post up as unfortunately I’ve been off for two weeks with whiplash after a car crash. Not a great thing for a tattooist to get with the neck and back ache etc!
At least I’ve been making the most of my time off (zonked on painkillers I might add) by getting some lady based artwork started for prints!
Here are a few sneak peeks, but not letting you see the finished articles Until they are all ready!



Aaand in other news I will be getting my car back tomorrow and back at work, fighting fit on Thursday. I managed to go out for a few drinks (probably shouldn’t have with the painkillers and all but I couldn’t miss another outing down to bad luck)
Here is a picture of us all looking very…ahem, glamorous before we headed off to Swindon


That is all for now lovely people.